Our mission is to create one of a kind hand knit garments and not to create multiples of identical sweaters. Bastian KNTWR works on a buy now - sell now system whereby as as each style is ready, finished, and published - it is instantly available for purchase. Sweaters range in sizes and shapes for an array of options for customers. 

If the size of a specific sweater does not fit or if a desired style is no longer available, Bastian KNTWR offers a custom bespoke service. The customer will be able to work with us to create a sweater based off of specific measurements and/or pieces that have been already sold. Since each custom sweater will be started from scratch and fully-fashioned, colors of sweaters may vary based on current yarn availability and the client’s wish for color alterations. 

The bespoke service is centered around our catalog of existing sweaters that can be found under our COLLECTION page. Please note this is not a custom order service for a completely new piece - this is a service built around the importance of inclusive sizing and fit. Our sweaters are designed for different sizes already but we do not want anyone excluded from our products and are proud to offer this unique and we believe groundbreaking service. Turn around is fairly fast based on yarn and design of selected sweater. While time will vary, bespoke orders will take no longer than about four weeks. There is a fee for bespoke sweaters which varies from order to order; please contact us for a detailed breakdown. 

Bespoke Options
We are extremely pleased to be able offer the ability to provide custom orders. This allows Bastian KNTWR to reach every client with the perfect sweater, size, and chosen design.

Please get in touch

Send along a link of your favorite Bastian KNTWR sweater that you would like made to your measurements and we can get started from there!

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